Video Testimonials

Listen on how our strategy has helped numerous families with their day - to -day struggles.

Morphine & Cocaine Addict should have died by Senior Year

Testimony of Ryan

Controlling Mom Learns How to Talk to Her Daughter

Testimony of Tracy

Teenager Overcomes Depression & Suicide Seven Times

Testimony of Steven

Teenager Overcomes Suicide - Eternity

Testimony of Teenager

How to Overcome Depression

Testimony of Daniel

Teenager Survives Suicide via Adderal

Testimony of Michael

Teenager Overcomes Bullyiing, Hopelessness and Suicide

Testimony of Maggie

Teenager Overcomes Depression without Lexapro

Testimony of Peter

Teenager Overcomes Depression & Suicide

Testimony of Skilah

How C.A.R.E.S. Treatment Changed Her Life Two-Years Later On

Testimony of Hayley

Autistic Boy Overcomes Anger

Testimony of Pierre

Teenager Overcomes Bullyiing, Hopelessness and Suicide

Testimony of Naomi

Teenager Overcomes Depression and Anger

Testimony of Brooke

Teenager Overcomes Anger, Authority & Drug Addiction Issues

Testimony of Alejandro

Teenager Overcomes Depression

Testimony of Kami

Teenagers Overcome Depression

Testimony from a Boys Home

Teenager Overcomes Fear and Anxiety

Testimony of Ari

What One Young Man Is Saying

How is your relationship with your mom since joining the program?

How has the dynamic changed in your relationship with your mom?

What words of encouragement would you give parents?