Independence Day To Unite Americans

Independence Day is celebrated as a national holiday in America. It celebrates America’s Declaration of Independence every 4th of July. Today, we should not only celebrate the events of 1776, but also the progressiveness of an ongoing state of independence both individually and collectively as a nation.

Rasmussen Reports: Independence Day Still An Important Holiday for Americans

“The Fourth of July continues to be one of the nation’s most important holidays in the eyes of Americans, but the number of adults who feel that way is dwindling.” Rasmussen reports only 52% of American Adults consider Independence Day one of the nation’s most important holidays.

Why is this number dwindling every year? Why don’t we have the same spirit of Independence as our forefathers once had?  

Maybe the issue at hand is the debate of true patriotism. At no other time in the recent history of the U.S.A. has our country ever been so divided. The stances are all over the map — from “taxed enough already”, “taking a stand by sitting down”, “black lives matter” or “blue lives matter” to “affordable health care for all” — but whichever side each person takes, they believe they are right in helping their country to prosper.

I don’t know the statistics among college-age and high school youth but it is evident that the young generation is not adopting the traditionally held views of what a patriot looked and sounded like in times past. One group feels it’s unpatriotic to allow easy access to guns after so many high school shootings. Others feel it’s unpatriotic to allow people to choose their gender preference. I’m not here to advocate for either side. I’m here to promote peace and unity in spite of our differences. Forcing someone else to change their views and behaviors is a losing battle and can only divide and ultimately destroy. Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself, is brought to desolation.”

Who can judge and say this or that group are the true patriots? If, as American citizens, we are not careful, politics, religion or cultural diversity has and will continue to divide this country. With the advent of the internet and social media, information travels at a blink of an eye, the moment news breaks. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press allows for free people to express their views and hold government and power brokers accountable. Yet at the same time, this freedom coupled with the power of social media can also be used to spread lies and “fake news” across the globe.

The court of public opinion has the effect of creating a reality so that the public believes lies or truth. This dishonesty is killing all respect for people of different expressions including government, the presidency, the supreme court, and law enforcement locally, nationally, and globally.  As members of the human race, we have got to learn how to set aside our differences and restore unity within the borders of our nation. Then as a unified nation to respect and embrace unity with the nations of the world while at the same time maintaining independence and individuality.

Peace and unity can never be accomplished through one hundred percent agreement, censorship or punishment. All sides of every aisle, I’m sure would agree with that statement. Having said that, we are only left with the possibility of setting aside irreconcilable differences and focusing on the things that result in mutual benefits. For example, we can all agree that everyone should have the opportunities which position us towards the pursuit of happiness. What makes one person happy may not be what makes another person happy. It will take a people that will be non-judgmental and acceptance of others views, cultures and beliefs. After all, the American constitution is inclusive of all people. Even the Bible speaks of God reconciling the whole world and not counting their “sins” against them.

Fox News: Texas city to fly 40,000 flags on Independence Day

Fox News reported that “Flags will be displayed in front of every home, business and place of worship in Irving; Nell Anne Hunt, founder of The Great Flag Caper.” Not too long ago, Texas had a devastating school gun shooting in Galveston which killed 10 victims yet here they stand together this 4th of July for Independence Day. Their community is showing to the world in the smallest act of displaying flags in their neighborhood that they still believe in that small ray of hope ahead of them.

Many are away from their loved ones during this time of the year because they are serving in the military or serving a jail sentence. Others ended their service in this world and are now serving in the world hereafter. Then there are teens who cannot fit-in anywhere wherever they’re at. Seniors are left in retirement homes without a visit and the human touch. And, of course, some of us seem to be living normal lives while pretending that everything is okay but in reality, we experience lack, rejection, depression and fail to find this abstract thing called love and happiness.

The hopeless seek only for a single ray of hope. The entitled are not satisfied with more than enough. Yet, whether we suffer lack or indulge in abundance, it seems as if we all try to seek for things that can’t fulfill us in the wrong things, at all the wrong places, and with the wrong people. Life’s journey inevitably brings us to the place of failure, disappointment, hurt and sadness. But the story doesn’t have to end there. Life consists of positives and negatives. Wins and losses. Good days and not so good days. But all success and happiness consist of both experiences. Ask any professional trader; profits are always a result of more wins than losses. Life will never give you more losses than wins. God will never give you more than you can handle. Although you may not agree at the moment. Just hang in and never give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel and things will get better.

This Independence Day can mean something greater. It can be our new ‘hope” which we seek for –a new ray of light for everyone living in the shadows. This day will mark the beginning of a transformation of our lives. We can learn how to mend the broken, change our perception in life, let go of old bad habits or toxic relationships that stopped us from becoming the greater version of ourselves. Together, we can learn how to find our true self from within. Experience the healing process of a transformed heart.

So let’s celebrate this day with a bang! Let’s grill the steak and smoke our hams or hot dogs to fill the air with a tasty aroma and become just like the little ones who anticipate the fireworks tonight. Oh, and if you prefer to cut up the veggies and soy, you too can fill the air with the fresh aroma of a garden and have yourself a rabbit-fest.

Happy 4th of July to everyone,

United States Constitution

from Heart Transformation.

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