Heart Transformation Vs Behavior Modification

During the COVID-19 quarantine, there’s no doubt tensions may be running high between you and your teen or young adult dependent. They may be acting resentful, unmotivated, or defiant, and, while some of this is likely a result of stress related to the pandemic, there are effective ways of helping them through troubled times and restoring your relationship. If you’re frustrated and you feel like you’ve tried everything, you’re not alone. Chances are, you just haven’t been using the right tactics.

Why Behavior Modification Doesn’t Work

You’re trying your hardest to raise a healthy and happy young adult, so when they act in a way that’s rebellious or impulsive, it’s only human to react with frustration. And your teen or young adult has probably gotten pretty good at manipulating your emotions. They punish you with bad behavior when they don’t get what they want, but when you give in, they may take advantage of you.

How do you usually respond to this behavior? Do you punish them by taking away their phones or video games? Sometimes, things get so difficult that you find yourself withdrawing from them emotionally, or reacting with fear, disappointment, anger, or revenge.

None of this will change your teen or young adult’s behavior, because punishment doesn’t work. It simply teaches them to manipulate you to get the reactions they want. What they really need is loving discipline.

What Makes Heart Transformation Different

At Heart Transformation, we strive to equip teens and young adults with the tools they need to be successful through true discipline in a setting that is different from other available Christian rehab programs. The discipline focuses on teaching them how to behave in a way that’s true to their values, applying these lessons in their everyday life, and encouraging and correcting them throughout this journey. Through discipline, you can provide consequences that are directly related to behavior, instead of punishing them arbitrarily. When used properly, discipline reinforces positive behavior with love and patience. To learn more about Heart Transformation’s methods, contact us to schedule a call. You’ll speak to a life specialist who can answer all your questions about placement into our faith-based vacation experience, Christian Recovery Homes.

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