Online Courses

The online courses empower persons struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. They are interactive and designed to result in a comprehensive learning experience which can be completed at one’s own pace.

Video Lessons

A real-life family mediation video with insight on resolving conflicts by using little known relationship building techniques.

Comprehensive Quiz

A lesson exercise that will help you identify 20 life-changing techniques for restoring seemingly hopeless relationships.
Teletheraphy Session

One Interactive Teletherapy session with a Heart Transformation Life Specialist is included

The Power Of An Online Course

Our online relationship building courses provide you and your family with a tool that you can use on your own terms, in the comfort of your own home. Together, you and your loved ones can work through this emotional healing course. As you progress, you will learn new parenting techniques and methods of communication that foster respect and unconditional love. Our online parenting courses offer you a powerful tool that will help your family embark on a journey of healing. 

Course Contents

With our relationship building course, your family gains access to a series of video lessons that encompass our 20 relationship-building techniques such as learning the difference between discipline and punishment, the definition and power of perceived love, and the importance of validation over judgment. Our emotional healing course teaches parenting skills and techniques that are designed to help you maintain your relationships while fostering honesty, forgiveness, and love between you and your children, healing your heart and strengthening your familial bonds in the process.

Increasing Your Emotional Understanding

Our Christian parenting courses feature a comprehensive quiz at the end of each lesson. Our comprehensive quiz is designed not only to test your understanding of relationship-based techniques but also to expand your understanding and application of our 20 relationship-building methods by giving you the opportunity to apply them to a real-world scenario.

Emotional Healing Through Online Learning

Nobody said parenting was easy. We all have the potential to fall into the trap of negativity, punishment, and emotional estrangement when faced with difficult personality traits. Heart Transformation’s parenting courses offer a light at the end of the tunnel and a resource to help your family heal and come together. Contact us today to begin your family’s healing journey.

Popular Courses

Resolving Family Conflict

Are you having conflicts between you and your young adult child? Are you feeling at a loss for what to do or say that could bridge the gap between you and them? Maybe it's the way you approach them. It could be their "rebellious" behavior or perhaps they are just pushing for more independence. Either way, something has to change.

Heart Transformation Parenting

Nine Powerful Inner Powers That Will Change Your Child's Heart

Why This Course is So Great...

Learn Parenting Skills and Techniques to Maintain the Relationship

Replace rewards and punishment for affection + discipline methods that yields optimal behavior.

Quickly Indentify and Apply Relationship-Based Principles that Work

Don’t let their age or past behavior prevent you from following through on proven principles of parenting.

Learn Parenting Skills and Techniques to Maintain the Relationship

Replace rewards and punishment for affection + discipline methods that yields optimal behavior.

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