Family Mediation &
Coaching Therapy

24/7/365 Family Mediation & Coaching. Stop losing the battle with your child in the moment of confrontation. Our life specialists will coach you on strategic relationship-building techniques and guide you in managing conflict mediation.

We offer various online therapy services
  • A real-life family mediation video with insight on resolving conflicts by using little known relationship building techniques​.
  • A lesson exercise that will help you identify 20 relationship-building techniques for restoring seemingly hopeless relationships.
  • An interactive teletherapy session with a Heart Transformation Life Specialist for greater insight and practical application.


Heart Transformation Intensive Outpatient Coaching (IOC) offers a variety of services that are designed to assist a struggling person to achieve his or her goals related to internal struggles.


Heart Transformation teletherapy should be viewed as no different than your daily grooming and personal hygiene like brushing your teeth, working your muscles, or nourishing your body.


Heart Transformation teletherapy gives students, mentees, and people from anywhere in the world on any device the opportunity to find healing, encouragement, personal development or training to help yourself or others at any capacity whether it be professional, private or volunteer.


We offer three types of live video sessions that take place throughout the week. Our video sessions make up for a complete intensive outpatient program. It’s also a great resource for anyone who wants to continue to grow and develop as well as those who are training others.


Heart Transformation Outpatient Program provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services that include, but are not limited to, individual, group, and family counseling and education on wellness, recovery, and resiliency.

Heart Transformation Teletherapy

Even in the best of times, parenting is not an easy task. Adding a crisis into the mix can generate toxicity that may alienate you from your child even further. In order to move past the crisis situation and begin fostering a relationship of mutual respect and love with your child, it may require professional counseling. Traditional counseling methods aren’t always as responsive as you and your child may need. That’s where Heart Transformation’s teletherapy service comes into play

The Limitations Of
Traditional Counseling

Traditional counseling methods can be difficult, especially for troubled teens, and when a crisis hits, they have severe limitations. When you and your child come into conflict, therapy is necessary right then and there. You need crisis intervention, not a scheduled office appointment two weeks from now. If the problem isn’t dealt with right then and there in the moment of confrontation, it can grow into a bigger issue causing lasting resentment and anger.  

What Is Heart Transformation Teletherapy?

Heart Transformation teletherapy is a form of telemedicine that focuses on the healing powers of happiness, relaxation, acceptance, and laughter. Our crisis intervention service pairs you with a Transformation Life Specialist who can help you and your child end the immediate battle and come together in a spirit of calm relationship-building, right in the moment of crisis. Our helpline is there for your family when you need it the most.

The Heart Transformation
Teletherapy Advantage

A Heart Transformation Life Specialist is there for you when you need it. We offer families immediate help and conflict resolution through our 24-hour crisis line. Our service is available on your terms, without the need for advance scheduling or office hours. We come to you and your loved one in the moment of your deepest crisis to offer relief, understanding, and immediate emotional safety that psychotropic medications just can’t offer. Please call Heart Transformation’s 24-hour emergency teletherapy line anytime you or your child feels the need to be heard, experience love and companionship, or just have the need to reach out to somebody. 

Why Teletherapy Is So Great...

Replace rewards and punishment for affection + discipline methods that yields optimal behavior.

Make an impact by reaching your teen’s heart first, then correct their character to influence growth.

Don’t let their age or past behavior prevent you from following through on proven principles of parenting.

Relationship Building Techniques

  • Asking The Heart Permission
  • Clarification In Communication
  • Compartmentalizing Issues
  • Confirmation of Agreement or Disagreement
  • Control or Influence
  • Discipline Not Punishment
  • Disclaimers to Avoid Misunderstanding
  • Engagement Technique
  • Old School vs. Popular Culture
  • Perceived Love
  • Preparing for Adulthood & Independence
  • Probing Questions for Self-Discovery
  • Revealing Contradiction
  • Rules vs. Relationship
  • Shared Understanding
  • Taking a Heart Break
  • Teens Are Young Adults
  • Transformation of Thoughts and Beliefs
  • Validation Over Judgement
  • Verbal Affirmation

What Parents Are Saying