Christian Family Therapy for Miami

Heart Transformation is a Christian-based therapy clinic in Miami. We focus on the family because we know just how important family is. If you have contention or strife in your family, whether between you and your spouse or your children, our family therapy can help you heal and move forward with a healthy familial bond.

Online Courses

The online courses empower persons struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. They are interactive and designed to result in a comprehensive learning experience which can be completed at one’s own pace.


24/7/365 Family Mediation & Coaching.Stop losing the battle with your child in the moment of confrontation. Our life specialists will coach you on strategic relationship-building techniques and guide you in managing conflict mediation.

Recovery Homes

Differ from conventional treatment centers, rehab facilities, boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness programs and therapeutic group homes that typically use performance-based behavior modification therapy modalities.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Beyond individual emotional healing, every member of your family can benefit from family therapy. Our therapy focuses on the heart and mind to foster peace and love among the family. You’ll notice an increase in:


As we help your family cultivate open communication, you’ll notice that you have more honesty and greater trust between family members. This helps you work out problems and feel more connected.


Hurt feelings can lead to bitterness and resentment, which slowly tears families apart. During our sessions, we work with you to help you resolve these feeling and forgive the other members of the family as well as gain their forgiveness.


Throughout all our sessions, we want to make sure that you and your family feel a greater sense of love and bonding. As you learn to communicate and forgive, you’ll naturally feel closer with each other.

Our Christian family therapy will help couples and families find healing and renewed connection. No matter your situation, we can find the therapy that works for you. We understand the unique circumstances that face each family, and we can help you face those circumstances.

If you’re ready to renew your relationship, schedule an appointment with our team.

Popular Course

Resolving Conflict with Family

Are you having conflicts between you and your young adult child? Are you feeling at a loss for what to do or say that could bridge the gap between you and them? Maybe it's the way you approach them. It could be their "rebellious" behavior or perhaps they are just pushing for more independence. Either way, something has to change.

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How is your relationship with your mom since joining the program?

How has the dynamic changed in your relationship with your mom?

What words of encouragement would you give parents?

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