Heart Transformation Therapy Training for Professionals, Parents, and Caregivers

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Therapy for children, teens, young adults, and adults in three ways:

1. Teletherapy coaching
2. In-person coaching
3. Faith-based recovery homes


Restoration through group, family, and individual therapy

Heart Transformation seminars and webinars on devices

Seminars and Webinars

Robert Torres and his team of Heart Transformation certified Life Specialists will be conducting “Grace Bomb Parenting”, “Smiling Guns” and “Heart Transformation” seminars around the nation as well as make them available live and on-demand through Online Webinars.


Therapeutic professionals will be assigned to families from a vast database via Telehealth in your State or locally in-person.
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Heart Transformation online course catalog

Online Courses

The online courses empower persons struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. They are interactive and designed to result in a comprehensive learning experience which can be completed at one’s own pace.


A solution to the social and academic crisis in America

Heart Transformation online school alternative

Online School

The public school system is having to revamp its security, staff training, and policies. Meanwhile, your child can find safety through in-person or online teachers, self-paced curriculum, and community small friendships.
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Small Activity Groups

Like-minded parents with children can enjoy safe and healthy relationships in small meetup activity groups locally in cities all across America.

Heart Transformation small activity groups
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Parent Coaching

Stop losing the battle to your child in the moment of confrontation and receive strategic coaching, learn relationship-building techniques and engage in conflict mediation from a Life Specialist.

Recovery Homes

Faith-Based Recovery Homes for teens and adults

Heart Transformation immediate admission

Immediate Admission​

Enroll yourself or a troubled loved one in a faith-based recovery home all year long, including same-day admission if necessary. There are no enrollment blackout dates. Application and signatures are online. Live video tour upon request.

No Contact Restrictions

We believe reconciling and developing healthy relationships are at the root of experiencing healing in a person’s heart and recovery in their mind. There are no visitation restrictions, no letter restrictions, and no phone call restrictions.

Heart Transformation no contact restrictions
Heart Transformation full transparency

Full Transparency

Students are encouraged to consent to release confidential information to direct family members, spiritual support, and specific community people who will be apart of the healing process.


Reaching out to communities everywhere through multimedia


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Robert Torres is the founder and creator of Heart Transformation® Therapy. He co-authored a best-selling book with Brian Tracy called Ignite Your Life. An interview with Robert about Heart Transformation aired on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates.
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