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Parental Mentorship Through Heart & Mind Transformational Methods

Non-punitive discipline techniques

Punishment imposes actions that cause regret, hurt, or remorse. Discipline administers advice or removes the harmful thing that hinders progress.

More confidence in

Learn to love correctly and discipline correctly using 20 non-religious biblically-based relationship-building techniques to resolve family conflict.

Family mediation and guidance 24/7/365

Avoid irreparable life consequences with proper guidance so that you feel emboldened to confront problems in the moment of crisis.

Solutions For Restoration

Repeated suicide attempts end in hope

Robert Torres, founder of Heart Transformation, tells of Morgan’s story in “Ignite Your Life.” She attempted suicide multiple times and was admitted to the best mental health facilities in the nation.

In the Amazon bestseller, Robert speaks to an audience of psychiatrists and mental health professionals at an adolescent psychiatric facility. He tells them of Morgan’s determination to commit suicide. After soliciting the experts for a solution that would save her life, none raised their hands. Afterward, he surprised them all with a simple but astounding answer, which resulted in her life-changing. It’s been over 15 years ago since that historic meeting.

Download the free book to read about the one-word solution that saved Morgan’s life and helps families everywhere achieve transformative healing.

The message of Heart Transformation has been aired on major broadcast networks across America.

Parents want their child to experience a victorious life

Leading your child to success begins with learning to overcome feelings of helplessness, hurt, and discouragement. Your Life Specialist will guide you from being ill-equipped to courageously confident. You’ll be empowered to lead your child back on track towards their life goals.

Kids aren't born with a manual

The fight against drugs & alcohol, wrong friends, harmful music, and social media is an uphill battle. Heart Transformation services show you how to uproot the problem at the core.

Solutions For Restoration

Searching for treatment options, but not finding what you need?



Connect via phone, text, or video 24/7/365 for parent coaching, family mediation, and conflict confrontation.

Mom and son on webinar small-optimized


Webinars and courses that equip you with proven interventions that can be practically applied.



Vacation recovery home, private bed & bath, exclusively with a Life Specialist & Recovery Companion.

How to Start Your Amazing Journey

A life specialist will guide you to start your journey towards becoming a happy family once again


Schedule a Life Specialist 24/7/365

Speak to an empathetic and highly-qualified enrollment guidance Life Specialist.


Design a custom family healing plan

Work together on a family plan, customized to your unique needs with a Life Specialist.


Implement a new lifestyle at home

Receive parental guidance or mediation on any device 24/7/365 as often as needed.

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Your family will thank you that you reached out for help.

Investing in parenting education and mentorship will derail your child from living a life of poverty and despair.